blu-3: The multi-utilities experts!

No matter how challenging the project, blu-3 always delivers to the highest standards.

Managing multi-utility disconnections and connections can be a time consuming, complex and lengthy process. Having to coordinate multiple parties on a site can consume unnecessary resources and budget.

At blu-3, we offer a comprehensive key stakeholder management solution, with a skilled and accredited workforce that works across power, water, waste and telecoms. With one blu-3 point of contact for all utilities’ requirements, we reduce our clients’ administration, risks and costs.


Manging utilities design and development through installation and commissioning, blu-3 assures clients of on time project delivery. As a one stop shop, blu-3 offers experience and expertise for any utilities project challenge.

Whether operating in a congested city centre or on a brownfield site with numerous health and safety issues to be managed, blu-3 has the knowledge, knowhow and skilled workforce to deliver excellence in planning, management and execution.

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