Vision, Mission & Values

blu-3: One team, one vision

Our Vision: To become a world-class provider of infrastructure and the employer of choice

Our vision is a simple statement but a powerful one.


To compete at world-class levels on an international scale in the infrastructure market we know that we need to have best in class quality, service and innovation. To deliver these standards to our clients, we know we need to be an employer of choice. Our people are our biggest business advantage and we want to work with the best.

Our Purpose: Making a difference in the built environment - Every. Single. Day!

Be it building schools, planting trees, providing inclusive and accessible environments; wherever we work, we intentionally make a positive and lasting impact in the community.

Our Mission: We embrace all of our core values in order to:

Employ the best
Be the very best
Deliver excellence

At blu-3, we are guided by a strong set of ethics that enable us to attract and retain the best employees in our industry. Being a great place to work, because we act in line with our values, ensures our employee satisfaction increases.

Having the best employees available on the market means we can perform at the highest levels ahead of our competitors. Great people make great business.

And finally, to be world class we have to deliver excellence in everything we do – with no exceptions.

Our Values: People, Integrity, Client Focus, Continuous Improvement, Quality & Innovation

Developed by our leadership team, our values represent the philosophy, beliefs and principles that guide us in our day to day activities and how we act and interact in our work environment.

Having strong company values builds our competitive advantage by ensuring we all know what we need to do every day to be successful.

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