Research & Development

blu-3: Passionate about innovation

blu-3 is acutely aware that the construction and infrastructure sectors are changing rapidly.

With the incorporation of new technologies and processes, as well as new developments in legislation and sustainability requirements, we understand that innovation drives the future of our business.

As a core value of blu-3, we embrace new technology to deliver new levels of client satisfaction, as well as improve our environmental performance. We know that innovation creates competitive advantage and engenders client confidence.

With this in mind, blu-3 places focus on developing new innovative solutions to client problems, regardless of the restrictions their projects can place upon them.


When existing technologies or processes cannot be adapted to a client’s site, for example in brownfield sites or older infrastructure, blu-3 has the resources, along with a number of innovation partners, to research and develop new technologies and processes to meet the needs of our broad range of clients.

To date, we have developed a number of new ideas with thorough research and development solving a number of challenges presented to us by our clients in the infrastructure market. For example:

Examining opportunities to use more sustainable construction materials on sites
Using renewable energy sources in projects including ground-sourced heat pumps
Bespoke roadway lighting solutions to solve driver visibility problems

Control and suppression of construction dust emissions

Virtual Site Modelling

Should you wish to discuss our research and development programmes further, please contact us