Stratford, Elephant Park & Clonee (Ireland) Sites operate diesel alternative plant innovations

As part of our drive to increase on site sustainability, we took delivery of new JCB machines at our Stratford, Elephant Park and Clonee sites.


Stratford, Elephant Park & Clonee (Ireland)


JCB electric machines

CO2 emissions

35% monthly reduction

This machine is an exciting innovation for the construction industry as it is fully electric, eliminating spill risks during re-fuelling and significantly reducing carbon emissions from site operations. Detailed monthly reports indicate blu-3 is achieving approximately 35% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to diesel powered excavators using this technology.


It is also significantly quieter than its diesel counterpart (6dB less external noise, 10dB less operator station noise) allowing for better communication between colleagues and ensures less nuisance to neighbours during out of hours work. The new machine is ideal for working in small confined spaces and was received well by our clients.  

Our Elephant Park team had very positive feedback and reported no loss of power.

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