Project Nimble Use of Hybrid Power Generator

The on-site team has installed a hybrid generator in a bid to be more energy and cost efficient. The Cleanergy!

Hybrid generator

Cleanergy! Hybrid

CO2 emissions

70% reduction

Fuel cost savings


Hybrid was installed with the aim of using minimal power during the night to power appliances like fridges and boilers when the site is not being used. 


The innovative generator is a unique solution for CO2 reduction and fuel cost savings. A battery pack stores and discharges the necessary energy. The fast charging time – through the use of Lithium Ion batteries – guarantees even more efficient operation than with existing systems.  


Overall, the generator has resulted in a reduction of 70% of CO2 emissions and a 70% saving in fuel. It also has a simple plug & play connection, emits very low levels of noise and can be monitored remotely via an online service.

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