Elephant Park School

blu-3 helped to redevelop a playground at the Victory Primary School in London, near its project at Elephant Park. We repaired an asphalt surface which had sunk and was flooding when it rained. The area also posed a dangerous trip hazard.

Lots of materials and time were dedicated by blu-3 to ensure the playground surface was safe and ready for the children to play on.  

The areas that had sunk were built up in asphalt layers to remove the depressions. A gully was reset, and the area resurfaced to ensure that it is now at the lowest point and collects all the rainwater. blu-3 was assisted on this project by local companies J U Contractors and F M Conway.

The playground was brought up to standard and allowed school children to enjoy the space safely without the threat of flooding or trip hazards. The teachers were extremely grateful as it meant the children could play freely without any restrictions which made their life a lot easier.