Ditton Infant School Wildlife Garden

In 2018, a blu-3 supplier donated two trees to blu-3. One was planted at blu-3 Head Office to celebrate its opening and one given to local school, Ditton Infant School.

blu-3’s Gerry Curran and Liane Nunn visited the school for the planting ceremony but recognised that further work was required to complete what was to become a wildlife garden. The school had a vision of creating a garden where bees, badgers, butterflies and local wildlife would flourish for the benefit of all. However, as is often the case, budgets were tight and progress was slow.


Gerry and Liane suggested blu-3 step in to complete the fencing, pathways and levelling with bark cover to the delight of the school teaching staff.

Liane Nunn, Head of Corporate Services, commented:

It’s important as a leading employer in the Aylesford area that we extend our environmental and social responsibilities to schools and the education system, not just charitable work. These children will understand so much more about the need to protect the environment and the wonders of nature by the simple job we have undertaken and we’re really proud to have completed this project.