Research & Development

QR Codes for Site Safety

blu-3 invested in a quick response (QR) code-based identification system to further improve site safety.

A QR code is applied to each site worker’s hard-hat, which can then be scanned via a bespoke blu-3 downloadable app by relevant personnel who require confirmation of the worker’s identity, training and suitability to carry out duties.


The worker’s unique QR code links to a company-wide database of blu-3 employees and subcontractors, which provides a photograph of the worker, to ensure the correct person is on site, alongside their up to date training and compliance record.


A breakthrough solution for ensuring staff are appropriately trained and certified for the roles they carry out on a site!


The beauty of the system is that the complete training record of a worker is held alongside their medical and emergency contact details, which is in full compliance with current data protection requirements. The system enables blu-3 to ensure that ‘boots on the ground’ are competent to do the task and the company knows exactly who is on site, which is particularly critical in today’s security conscious environment.

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