An Iconic Project


Battersea Power Station is an iconic location in the centre of London and blu-3 was chosen for this project due to its experience in design management. The overall scheme was a multi-billion-pound project developing an old grade II listed building and its 42-acre surroundings into a modern multi-use complex.


Battersea Power Station


Power Station
Development Corp



Project Challenges & Solutions:

  • Some existing foundations within the power station reached 12m deep. In order to access these foundations in such a tight site, sheet pile cofferdams were installed and machines  lowered into the excavation to undertake the break out. 
  • Major concrete breakout within a listed building presented its own challenges. Constant and thorough vibration monitoring was implemented to ensure no damage to the existing structure was caused. 


  • Reducing the height of existing ground level 
  • Provide pile probing 
  • Temporary works design 
  • Provide surface and ground water management 
  • Vibration and movement monitoring 
  • Installation of sheet pile cofferdam 
  • Breaking out of existing substructure for future pile design for the proposed building 
  • Disposal of non-hazardous  excavated material 
  • Burn out steel reinforcement and steel supports 
  • Provide openings for access 
  • Installation of access ramps and haul routes 
  • Backfilling of voids with fill material, 
  • Installation of pile mat 
  • Provide full BIM as built