An Iconic Project

Napier Park

Napier Park was a complicated infrastructure project that involved developing new mixed-use commercial and residential units. The team also had to deal with significant amounts of asbestos but utilised innovative methods to ensure everyone's safety on site.




Augur Developments

Main Contractor

blu-3 UK Ltd.



This Project consists of new build mixed use development, including residential and commercial units.

Project Challenges & Solutions:

  • The main challenge was the significant presence of asbestos throughout the site
  • Workshops attended by the site team and client representatives enabled contaminated material to be retained on site at a safe depth, avoiding the significant cost involved with disposal of the material
  • Site proximity to a Vauxhall factory and significant dust suppression measures were required during the cut and fill. Mobile atomisers at various intervals, along with water bowsers and ground hardening additives reduced the dust created avoided potential issues with filters to the factory


  • Bulk cut and fill of 125,000m3 of asbestos contaminated material, spine road construction, groundwater remediation and initial service installation to the on-site area
  • S278 package – carriageway widening and forming entrances into the site
  • An extensive series of services require both diverting and installing to serve all units, including the installation of a water booster and a number of substations
  • Installation of HV network cables, new substation, installation of LV network, reinforcement of the HV network, installation of a 355mm low pressure gas main including valves, installation of water main to site and diversion of communication assets