An Exciting Project

Madrid, Spain


Madrid, Spain



Main Contractor




Project Challenges & Solutions:

  • Strict Spanish laws on working in the country required documentation to work on-site such as medicals, training, REA and permits
  • Constant monitoring of safety practices was required, along with extensive toolbox talks, workshops, and visual presentations
  • Extensive holidays periods taking during the summer resulted in a lack of labour on-site
  • The language barrier proved challenging, but mixed teams were set up to ensure the correct translation of documentation 


Phase 1
  • Digging of trenches and chambers for comms, sewer, power, earthing, water and security
  • Installation of reinforced concrete slabs, internal & external (5300m2), including waterproof & gas membranes and sika finishing of internal slabs
Phase 2
  • Cutting and filling of 75,000m3 of unsuitable soil and replacing with 80,000m3 of imported selected soil
  • Installation of underground services, RC foundations and slabs
  • Building of water treatment plant, roads and pavings totalling 12,000m2
  • Soft landscaping including shrubs, trees, hedges
  • Installation of street furniture, including road signs, lighting columns, bollards, bike racks
  • Erection of security fencing, including (PAS68) with automated gates and turnstiles