An Iconic Project

AMS 11/12

A large-scale data centre project on behalf of a bluechip software company. The scheme was in a location that proved significantly challenging due to the ever-changing and unpredictable weather conditions.


AMS Campus,
North Holland


Winthrop (11/12)



Project Challenges & Solutions:

  • Site is positioned over existing live services that supply a commissioned data centre which made it very challenging to install new services 
  • Team had to vacuum excavation and carefully suspend live services using temporary works 
  • The site was also located in an area that is prone to settlement and geotechnical mitigation measures 
  • Careful design considerations were required to minimise any impact on future settlement


  • Installation of duct networks, precast chambers, pressurised systems, drainage networks and valves with a dewatering scheme due to high water table 
  • Installation of RC foundations,  internal and external RC slabs 
  • Hard and soft landscaping 
  • Installation of roads, kerbs and all associated street furniture 
  • Client MACE (13/14)