Civil Engineering

M20 Jct 8-7 Embankment Reinstatement

The M20 is a key stretch of motorway that links Europe and the South East with London which required upgrades to the embankment. This was a challenging project for blu-3 due to the presence of local wildlife and the need to keep traffic disruption to a minimum on the busy motorway.


M20 J8-7 London Bound


Highways England

Main Contractor




As the UK’s busiest link to the continent this a highly sensitive network on which to operate.


The geotechnical scheme between Junctions 8 and 7 London Bound restored the structural integrity to the embankment following damage caused by extensive burrowing from rabbits. 

  • Granular replacement of embankment slope to widen the crest of the earthwork for 376m 
  • Haul road 3.0m wide 350m long 
  • Material Excavated: 7,500t 
  • Gullies renewed: 23 
  • Drainage Repairs: 230m 
  • Acoustic Barrier Fence replaced: 460m 
  • VRS Fencing: 390m 
  • Preventative Rabbit netting placed and covered with top soil: 2400m2 

Project Challenges & Solutions:

  • Close liaison with North Kent Boys Brigade  whose land lies on the embankment 

  • Nesting birds and dormice -boxes were erected within the remaining woodland and the start of the works were delayed until the birds had left the nests 

  • Minimising disruption for site owner and road users meant carrying out work simultaneously from the main carriageway & haul road. LGV traffic had to be controlled and close liaison  with local residents and the council undertaken 

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