blu-3 (UK) Ltd. Covid-19 (‘coronavirus’) update 18 March 2020

Following the escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent updates in government advice, blu-3 has updated its precautionary measureswhich arnow being implemented across the business. These new actions are in line with the latest recommendations of the local and national governments across all the regions in which we operate:

  • In line with ‘social distancing’ recommendations, we are implementing a work from home policy that will come into effect 20th March 2020 for office-based staff 
  • All permanent offices will remain open for essential business after 20 March 2020, and reasonable social distancing measures will be implemented for those employees remaining office based 
  • Non-essential travel is being avoided by all employees 
  • Clear instructions have been provided on the management of any staff member who feels unwell and anyone who develops symptoms of the virus knows to self-isolate for the recommended period and to adhere to the government guidelines 
  • Everyone involved with the business has been provided with information to help them deal with anxiety and stress during this situation and any subsequent isolation periods 
  • We have sent multiple communications on NHS & Occupational Health guidelines for regular handwashing to minimise the risk of spread 
  • We are making resources available to help reduce the likelihood of COVID19 impacting our business activities

This remains an ongoing and evolving situation, and we will endeavour to provide interested parties with as much information as possible on our management of the situation as further information emerges. 

We would like to thank everyone for their diligence and support as we transition through this unprecedented situation. 

Shane Fay 

HSEQ Director

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