Apprenticeship: investing in the future of construction

For many, entering the construction industry through an apprenticeship offers a chance to build new skills in a supportive hands-on environment, whilst laying the foundations for real career development.

The construction industry is booming, it’s projected to be a global $8 trillion industry by 2030. This means that there’s never been a better time to get into the trade. The growth of construction is reflected in the diverse workforce, with over 2.7 million people in the UK currently working in the industry and this number is growing.

Historically, the construction industry has seen a disparity in employee gender balance, with typically far fewer women employed in the industry than men. According to the recent Women In Construction summit in London, only 14% of employees are female in the UK today with only 2% of those working on sites. Change is happening but more needs to be done and blu-3 is delighted to be leading the charge. We recognise that our people are our greatest asset and we’re always looking for talented people with a ‘can-do’ attitude to join our ranks.

For men and women who are new to the trade, entering the industry can seem like a daunting task. There is a lot to learn and a wide range of new skills, techniques and equipment to familiarise yourself with. Fortunately, an apprenticeship provides a structured and supportive way to develop these skills with tangible hands-on learning.

Apprenticeships are essentially training courses on-the-job. It’s a fantastic chance to ‘learn as you earn’, shadowing professionals and picking up the core skills needed for a rewarding career in construction. The industry has relied upon apprenticeships for a long time, bringing fresh ideas and a passion for the built environment and creating the next generation of builders, architects, planners and personnel. At blu-3, we’ve developed a comprehensive apprenticeship scheme with Geason Training, so whether you’re aiming to work on-site or prefer an office role, we’re able to provide valuable apprenticeships with our partners.

It cannot be overstated how vital apprenticeships are to the construction industry as a whole. Fresh eyes bring welcome change and innovation, along with new ways of working. By becoming more flexible and trialling new ideas, firms in construction and engineering are able to become more agile and move the industry forward, reflecting the changing environment we live in and technologies available.

The future of construction is bright; attracting new, talented individuals into the industry is a consistent way to make sure the momentum continues for generations to come, reliably filling the skills gap. Hiring apprentices doesn’t just benefit the individual, it benefits the built environment as a whole.

We have invested in a comprehensive apprenticeship scheme and to celebrate the launch, we’ve picked out some of the key benefits of studying an apprenticeship with blu-3.

Minimum 12 Month Apprenticeship

With a blu-3 apprenticeship, you’re guaranteed to study and earn for at least 12 months. Within that time, apprentices have the opportunity to work across various areas of the business to improve the skills they value the most and find the role that’s suited to them.

Our 2018 intake proved exactly why this is so valuable, with all our apprentices completing their 12 month course and remaining within the business. They are currently taking their next training and development steps, fully supported by the company.


As an apprentice with blu-3, you’ll earn a level 3 qualification upon completing your apprenticeship period, equivalent to an A Level.

Learn While You Earn

Unlike alternative college routes, a vocational apprenticeship won’t saddle learners with student loans and debt. At blu-3 we are proud to offer fully funded training alongside pay that exceeds the national apprenticeship rate.

Structured, Hands-on Learning

With an apprenticeship through blu-3 and Geason, successful candidates will receive experience across the various departments in the business, ensuring a deep and holistic understanding of how the company operates and what makes it so successful. What’s more, apprentices also have the opportunity to visit two national construction events during the scheme.


At blu-3, we’re incredibly proud of our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Every apprentice on the scheme is appointed a designated mentor who guides and supports their development. Apprentices are encouraged to reach their full potential with guidance from some of the most comprehensive experience pools in the industry.

We’re proud to offer a number of apprenticeship opportunities with a workplace culture that celebrates development, diversity and achievement. For many, an apprenticeship is the most direct route into their chosen field. The ability to develop in a hands-on environment and make a real difference can be one of the most effective ways to learn key skills that will lay the foundations for a rewarding career in construction.

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