Allenby Connaught Project - Street Lighting, Refurbishment - Blu-3
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Allenby Connaught – Project 3

UK Power Networks Services

Provision of High voltage/Low voltage/ street lighting cable diversions and supply terminations prior to demolition/ refurbishment, reactive fault repairs and overlays as part of a multi disciplinary, multi contractor project. This is part of a £30bn refurbishment project for the Ministry of Defence army accommodation in the South of England known as project Allenby Connaught. Blu-3 is contracted as a lead utilities sub contractor for the MoD housing refurbishment and construction of new housing for the army personnel and their families.
Blu-3 installed new High voltage, Low voltage and street lighting cable lays and connections, along with the installation of feeder pillars and other furniture. Blu-3 carried our a range of preparation and form work for sub-station installation. The Community Impact: We engaged in various works designed to improve the lives of service personnel and their families, as well as local environmental projects. Blu-3 allocated funds and resources to help build a play area in Larkhill. The ideal behind the play area was to create an area where parents and children could meet and make new friends as service personnel continuously move around the country. This puts a strain on their families as they are constantly leaving their friends behind and starting new lives and new schools.

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Allenby Connaught - Project 1

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Allenby Connaught – Project 1

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