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Our Values

Our History… Secures Our Future


We’ve been through a lot of change over the years.

Danny Chaney, our Executive Chairman, established blu 3 in 2004 as a small utilities sub contractor working in London.

blu 3 was an acorn that has today grown into a large business, working across multiple sectors and geographies, all because of Danny’s passion for what he does.

His philosophy is clear – you have to stay close to your roots. Understand what you are good at, understand what your customers need and whatever you do, do it well.

Danny himself will tell you he is not a ‘corporate man’. He simply has some rules he lives and works by.

He believes we all have to keep learning, everyday.  He believes in teamwork, sharing our talents and skills with each other. He believes in recognising success and always striving to be the best.

If we work well together, everyone gets better at what they do and we succeed as a business.

Blu-3 Vision

Why do we need a blu-3 Vision?

Having a vision for our business means we have a view of what we want to become as a company. It defines our future goal.

It helps provide direction and understanding to all our employees, partners, customers and key stakeholders. It’s about committing to a strategy and sticking to it now and in the future.

Our Vision for blu-3

A world-class provider of infrastructure and the employer of choice.

A simple statement but a powerful one.

We might have grown from a small business but we have been successful and need to compete today at world-class levels, on an international scale, in the infrastructure market.

We also want to be the employer of choice. Our values tell you more about why we will become this but we need to attract talent in to our business and treat them well so they stay with our. Our people are our biggest business advantage and we want to work with the best.

World class Infrastructure provider - Blu-3
Blu-3's Mission

What is a Mission statement and why is it important?

The blu 3 Mission statement tells us about the actions we need to take in order to achieve our vision of the future.

It tells us, in a simple way, what we need to do to be successful. There is no point having a business vision if we do not know how to deliver it.

The blu-3 Mission

We embrace all of our core values in order to:

  • employ the best
  • be the very best
  • deliver excellence

We are all responsible, whatever our role in the business, for behaving and acting in line with the company’s stated core values. This means we are all guided together by a strong set of ethics that enable us to attract and retain the best employees in our industry.

Being a great place to work, because we act in line with our values, ensures our employee satisfaction increases.

Having the best employees available on the market means we can perform at the highest levels ahead of our competitors. Great people make great business.

And finally, to be world class we have to deliver excellence in everything we do – with no exceptions.

Blu-3 - Great place to work, Employee satisfaction
Core values of Blu-3

What are Core Values and why are they important?

A company’s values are the core beliefs that bind a company culture together and support the Vision and Mission of the organisation as a whole.

Developed by our leadership team, they represent the philosophy, beliefs and principles that guide us in our behaviour; the way we should work, act and interact in our work environment.

Establishing strong company values leads to competitive advantage by ensuring we all know what we need to do every day to be successful.

Our blu-3 Values


We care and have respect for our people

  • Health, safety and wellbeing is our priority
  • The growth and development of our people is paramount
  • We embody the values of personal integrity and responsibility, authenticity and equal dignity
  • We are an ethical company that acts with the highest degree of integrity and trust


We are an ethical company that acts with the highest degree of integrity and trust

Client Focus

We work responsively, collaboratively and passionately with our clients to ensure success

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement, believing that competence, reliability and rigorous adherence to process discipline are the keys to excellence

Quality & Innovation

We take pride in quality and innovation and embrace new technology to deliver client satisfaction

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