Corporate Social Responsibility - Blu-3
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blu-3 recognises the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and takes it role in local community very seriously. We are proud to assist and support a variety of groups from diverse social backgrounds.

Walking Bus

blu-3 is a proud sponsor of the Aylesford Primary School Walking Bus. The scheme helps to target traffic congestion, particularly in the streets surrounding schools reducing the risk of accidents. In addition to this the safety benefits, regular exercise and a sense of well being is enjoyed by all the young participants and the volunteers. We recognise the problems associated with the school run and we want to play our part in helping to tackle them effectively.

Future Sporting Heroes

Lordswood under 10s football team is one of Kents most promising teams. The boys train hard and achieve high standards week after week. Here at blu-3 we support their efforts as we appreciate the level of dedication and focus that is required to achieve our goals. We are proud to sponsor Lordswood and to help provide an opportunity for these boys to play the great game!

Second Chance

blu-3 is committed to giving everyone the opportunity to better themselves. This ethos is built into the core of our company values. We have extended this to include ex-offenders that are determined to positively contribute to society. By providing training and real experiences, we are able to show ex-offenders there is an alternative to crime. With their dedication and hard work we can help them realise their true capabilities. Three ex-offenders have successfully gained full time employment within our company and have been recognised by clients for their diligence and attention to detail. blu-3’s Second Chance Programme is one which we hope will continue to positively contribute to the improvement of individuals and society as a whole.